A note on JIT code

ananthas at wipinfo.soft.net ananthas at wipinfo.soft.net
Mon Jan 3 02:04:06 PST 2000


        I have been looking into the kaffe sources for quite sometime,
especially the implementation of JIT. I am not sure what all were the primary
considerations that went into, before the actual implementation, of the
JIT code, especially to note that we dont seem to be doing coloring of
any sort. Personally, I am not very much obsessed with graph coloring,
though I am curious to know the extent to which redundant spills and
restores can be mimized over the existing schema of the least recently
used register, by "working a bit more harder" at compile time by
generating graphs at the "right places" and trying to use as many machine
registers to the non-overlapping slots as possible.  Has any worked on
getting statistics on the number of spills and restores with the
existing approach against the compile time overhead of doing these using 
coloring approach or probably a "better approach"? If so what were the 
statistics based upon? If not, just out of curiosity, is any one having plans 
on improving the same :) ?

	I do appreciate when one would respond with comments like coloring
may not be very much justifiable for Dynamic Code genaration as against
"proper compilers", but would certainly feel a lot more convinced after if these
arguments are backed with some interesting statistics on platforms like 
Intel for JIT code.

        I did go through the news groups archive, but did not find any 
discussion threads on the same.
        Also please let me know if I am missing something in the overall

Thanks & Regards,

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