Is there an IDE for Java on Linux?

Alexandre Petit-Bianco apbianco at
Thu Jan 6 18:51:53 PST 2000

BWinders writes:
> Has anyone heard of or worked with Cygnus Solutions' Code Fusion
> C/C++/Java IDE?  

Cygnus' website has some press coverage about it. I believe these are
independent reviews.

> Any pros/cons?

Java integration and support isn't as smooth as the C/C++ one, things
have sometimes to be specified manually, with minimal GUI support --
we could have done better in that area, but some of these extra things
to be specified are stemming out of the particular (native) nature of
the Java toolchain.

CF is pre-configured to use the egcs Java source code and classfile
front-end. I guess it's configurable enough so you could use Kaffe
instead -- I never tried.

I personally like the gdb GUI and gdb's Java extensions. I think a
follow-up version is in the work -- though I'm not directly involved
with that.


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