Is there an IDE for Java on Linux?

Donatas Simkunas donsim at
Thu Jan 6 22:59:46 PST 2000

I use AnyJ ( )
it is very fast, it has many good features. 
Its free for linux.

On Fri, 07 Jan 2000, BWinders wrote:
> Does anyone know of any Integrated Development Environments (IDE) for
> Java on Linux?
> I know that MS Windows has Inprise JBuilder, Sybase PowerJ, Symantec
> Visual Cafe, NetBeans Developer, Oracle JDeveloper, and Metroworks
> CodeWarrior Profiession.
> Has anyone heard of or worked with Cygnus Solutions' Code Fusion
> C/C++/Java IDE?  Any pros/cons?
> Thanks in advance.
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