Is there an IDE for Java on Linux?

Derek L Davies ddavies at
Fri Jan 7 07:45:16 PST 2000

Maurizio DE CECCO <maurizio at> writes:
> Also, don't forget just good old emacs (is there any other IDE ?):
> Java mode with syntax based coloring and indentation, integration with
> the compiler and with the debugger ...

This option will be even better soon.  Once kaffe has JPDA support
and, in particular, a command line debugger, gud mode and kaffe will be
an excellent way to go for mouse haters like myself.

I am making progress on JPDA for kaffe, but it's been slow going.
I have single stepping going, and some very limited breakpoint
support.  I started out putting a command line interpreter in VM
itself (since I really wanted to see single stepping work ASAP), but
have recently ripped out that code and have been working on doing
proper JDWP.  Once I have that beast implemented I can start getting
more real features going.  Just an update so that no one thinks I was
kidknapped by Sun ;-)

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