building kaffeh when cross-compiling

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Sat Jan 8 01:32:19 PST 2000

On Jan  7, 2000, Patrick Tullmann <tullmann at> wrote:

> Kaffeh is built when cross-compiling Kaffe.  There is some magic in
> configure that tries to only build kaffeh if kaffe is not being
> cross-compiled.

Not really.  It just forces kaffeh to be built before it is used.
But, as you pointed out, when cross-compiling, we can't use the kaffeh
we'd build, because it won't run on the build machine, so we currently
require a locally-executable kaffeh to be specified in an environment

> However, kaffeh is built by default, anyway!

Yes, because, even though it is also needed during the build, it *is*
a development tool of the kaffe suite.  Just like we install kaffec,
we install kaffeh, so that one doesn't need the Kaffe build-tree to be
able to generate C headers for Java classes.

It is possible to arrange that another version of kaffeh is built with
an alternate compiler, but it requires a lot of hacking, since a
separate config.h must be generated for this other compiler.  The
easiest way to do it would be to have a separate configure script for
kaffeh.  When Godmar first detected this problem, we decided this
would be overkill, and agreed to require a pre-installed kaffeh for

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