Green Thread vs. Non Green Thread?

Alan Lehotsky lehotsky at
Wed Jan 12 04:03:40 PST 2000

At 22:48 -0500 1/11/00, BWinders wrote:
>I've been doing some research and I have come across the term "Green
>Thread" in reference to JVMs.  If I have an application that uses
>threads, can anyone tell me how to check to determine if I need a JVM
>with support for Green Threads or not?

	I'm not sure of the entomology of the phrase, but it refers
	to lightweight threads managed by the JVM itself and not
	mapped onto multiple operating-system threads.

	Thus, a "green threaded" JVM can't take advantage of
	multiprocessors and is also potentially subject to hanging
	if a native method should happen to execute a blocking
	system call (of course that all depends on how the JVM
	multiplexes its threads)


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