BUG in ZipInputStream

Hiroshi Oota oota at LSi.nec.co.jp
Thu Jan 27 17:53:37 PST 2000

;; This bug has been around in one form or another for many many months.
;; The problem seems to be related to the header written before the actual
;; data is placed in the zip file. I have been meaning to get around
;; to fixing it but I just have not had the time to write up all the test
;; cases needed to fix it once and for all. If you want to jump in and
;; take a whack at it, the problem is in the class ZipOutputStream.java!
Do you mean the zip file incorrect?

I think the zip file(kjc.jar) is correct, because `unzip kjc.jar' reports no
errors. ZipInputStream should handle it.

				oota at LSi.nec.co.jp

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