Linux/PPC support

Pavel Roskin pavel_roskin at
Thu Jan 27 20:49:49 PST 2000


I have compiled Kaffe on Linux/PPC using libffi for sysdepCallMethod.

The only thing that needed to be modified was SP_OFFSET. For Linux/PPC it
is equal to 0.

I wrote a test that printed the stack using different values of SP_OFFSET
and the real value taken from %r1 (stack pointer register on PowerPC). The
test confirmed that SP_OFFSET is 0.

Some thread-related tests fail, but most other tests pass. Most 
importantly, javac (Kopi) works and produces working bytecode.

Unfortunately, I cannot spend much time playing with Kaffe at work, but I
hope that other people will fix the remaining issues.

Pavel Roskin

--- config/powerpc/linux/md.h	Thu Dec 17 16:23:46 1998
+++ config/powerpc/linux/md.h	Thu Jan 27 19:38:04 2000
@@ -18,4 +18,9 @@
 extern void init_md(void);
 #define	INIT_MD()	init_md()
+#ifdef SP_OFFSET
+#undef SP_OFFSET
+#define SP_OFFSET	0

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