Rebuilding error with unix-pthread

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Thu Jul 6 12:50:53 PDT 2000

Erik Hu wrote:
> I am new to Kaffe and I would like to rebuild with unix-ptherad +
> interpreter.  I have some problems.  Does any one know how I can
> rebuild the Kaffe with unix-pthread ?

What OS are you trying this on?  Despite the name, it really only
"works" on Linux.  There are some known issues, but it should compile.

Did you re-configure in a "dirty" directory?  If so, try configuring
in a clean directory (create ../foo; cd ../foo; ../kaffe/configure
<options>;).  If that fixes it, there's probably a bug in the
configure goo.

> ../kaffevm/.libs/ undefined reference to 'virtualMachine'
> ../kaffevm/.libs/ undefined reference to 'soft_fixup_trampoline'

Do you know which engine it was trying to use (intrp, jit or jit3)?
There should be an indication in the configure output.


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