longjmp() problem. help--please?

James ketrenoj at austin.rr.com
Tue Jul 11 16:01:29 PDT 2000

I have been working on creating an OJI plugin for Kaffe to run within

Progress was going reasonably well until I started trying to create any type
of Window within the JVM loaded through Mozilla via JNI.  I have tracked one
symptom down into within jthread.c in the 'reschedule()' call of the VM.
Basically, it core dumps when it tries to switch thread contexts.
'addNotify' results in 'startDispatch()' being called, which kicks off a new
thread, which in turn calls 'reschedule()'.  Then bad things happen (the
Mozilla window hangs and I am returned to the shell prompt--no core dump, no
try()/catch() combo catches the crash).

Looking through the code, I am suspecting something is not getting set up
correctly with the thread context uses in the 'longjmp' call, as that is
where it blows up.  I can't get any code to execute in any of the places
following the previous calls to 'setjmp' (which occurs twice in jthread.c).

This is all on Linux.  Has anyone seen a similar problem and have a
solution?  I'm going to keep banging on it till I figure out what's wrong,
but if anyone has any pointers I'd appreciate it.

ketrenoj at austin.rr.com

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