longjmp() problem. help--please?

Archie Cobbs archie at whistle.com
Wed Jul 12 09:55:20 PDT 2000

James writes:
> I believe I have found the cause of the problem.  I am unsure how to
> 'correctly' fix it though.  It appears that when running within Mozilla if
> the Stack Pointer is set to point to data in the heap (0x80000000 range) vs.
> the stack (0xBF000000 range) then the call to longjmp() just does random
> things and hangs the process.  It works GREAT in my stand along
> programs--just not within Mozilla.

Check that the heap memory has execute permission. Kaffe calls
mprotect(2) to insure this.

Also, are kaffe and mozilla running under the same process? If so
they may be coflicting in the heap, since kaffe uses sbrk(2) instead
of malloc()/free().


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