Problems with RMI

Lindeijer, D.G. D.G.lindeijer at WBMT.TUDELFT.NL
Fri Jul 14 06:27:57 PDT 2000


I am also having problems with kaffe rmi. At this time is see two problems

1 : kaffes JVM can only communicate with kaffes rmiregistry, if it
communicates with suns rmiregistry there is something about a protocol
problem. Suns JVM can communicate with kaffes rmiregistry.

2: kaffes RMI classloaded constructs incorrect URLs, if it needs to download
a class A in package x.y.z it requests http: //host/../x.y.z.A.class instead
of  http: //host/../x/y/z/A.class  

I made kaffes rmi work some time ago, so it can be done but im starting to
get seriously frustrated with it. I seriously considering to try out the
Jeode embedded JVM.

David Lindeijer

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