kaffe script: CLASSPATH order

Ryan Heise ryan at whitewolf.com.au
Fri Jul 14 08:41:01 PDT 2000

The kaffe script automatically appends Kaffe's jdk libraries onto the
end of your CLASSPATH. Shouldn't it insert this at the start of the
CLASSPATH so that critical classes are guaranteed to be the ones
supplied by the Kaffe distribution? If the user happens to have their
own version of a java.* class in their CLASSPATH, that will get loaded.
This behaviour is different from the jre.

Also, some programs may not work properly. One of my programs, for
example, includes some java.* classes. The JVM's primordial class loader
should never load these classes but my custom class loader should. Using
the kaffe script, the primordial class loader ends up loading my special
purpose java.* classes and the system does not function properly.

So, I was wondering whether this could be changed in CVS. Does it make


Ryan Heise


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