stack overflow interacts poorly with classloaders

Jason Baker jbaker at
Mon Jun 12 15:28:36 PDT 2000

Timothy Stack <stack at> writes:

> > Just preload it once and for all and throw the same type in all threads, 
> > even those that run in a classloader context.  
> > This should be "close enough".
> Kaffe already does this, the problem is when it tries to match this class
> to the one in the catch clause.  Specifically, line 603 in exception.c:
>   eptr[i].catch_type = getClass(eptr[i].catch_idx, ptr->class, &info);
> We're trying to get a class (StackOverflowError) referenced in the
> constant pool which hasn't necessarily been resolved yet.  Eventually, it
> gets to loadClass where it will ask the class loader to load the class,
> and then poof.  Preloading in this case means checking if a class
> references StackOverflowError or any of its ancestors and then having the
> class loader load them in, or we just treat them as "special classes" that
> magically resolve to system classes regardless of the class loader.

Shouldn't all catch types be loaded during verification?


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