exception.c:250: dispatchException: Assertion...

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Wed Jun 14 13:35:13 PDT 2000

Kevin Gamiel wrote:
> Absolutely.  I just found one problem where I am using a Debug object
> that writes debugging messages to a single file from a few hundred
> different threads.  I was using a PrintWriter but not explicitly closing
> the stream after each message was written.  Kaffe is the only vm that
> has complained about "too many open files".  

We should remember this bug, at least.  If the bug database is working 
(http://cgi.kaffe.org/cgi-bin/kaffe) could you file a report on this?

> After fixing that, I'm seeing this now:
> Kaffe: locks.c:509: _SemPut: Assertion `lk->count == 0' failed.

This assert is from an older version of Kaffe (the 1.0.5 snapshot from 
8 months ago...).  If you could upgrade to the CVS version (see
http://www.kaffe.org/CVS.html), that would be helpful.

> Debugging this is a bit tough, as you can imagine, so sorry if I'm
> not pinpointing the source of the problem.

You are debugging Kaffe at this point, so anything you can give us is
appreciated!  :)

> So the client spawns about 200 msgHandlerThreads with, in turn, each
> spawn an AsyncSocketThread, which itself manages 3 threads (a timer
> during connect, one to connect, one to read data).  All these
> threads implement the IEventListener interface, which is a mechanism
> for passing events up the thread tree.

Is there any way I could get hold of a .jar for this to debug Kaffe
here?  I should probably just write a small test case that hammers on
local sockets...  Any chance I could get the source to
AsyncSocketThread?  :)


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