Another reflection bug; compatibility results

Godmar Back gback at
Thu Jun 15 10:32:53 PDT 2000

 Okay, try it again now.

We now also search superinterfaces if you invoke Class.getMethod() on
an interface class.

However, since there's no notion of superinterfaces at the bytecode level,
there's also no ordering - this means that I believe that the result of 
such a getMethod call is not and in fact cannot be well-defined.  We may 
or may not match what the JDK returns.  I hadn't realized that before.

Also, since there no ordering of superinterfaces, there's also no notion 
of "overriding" - hence both Kaffe and JDK report methods in all 
superinterfaces.  However, getMethod will stop looking at the first
match.  This leads (in both JDK and Kaffe) to what you call "Non-equality"
in your test.

However, I believe that none of this should have an adverse impact 
on the interface compatibility checking you're doing.  For instance,
you should be able to easily figure out what's what by checking whether
a class inherits a method or not - one way to find that out is to 
check whether getClass().getMethod().getClass() != getClass().

	- Godmar

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