Compile Kaffe in win32 with CygWin; miscellaneous problems (& some solutions)

olivier olivier at
Mon Jun 26 16:08:20 PDT 2000

Here is a list of the problems I met; for some of them I found a solution by myself.
Comments and help is welcome about all this... :-)
Olivier Lombart

1- config\config-std.h:
 #include <winnt.h>
 #include <windows.h>

2- cygwin\usr\include\winnt.h:
 #pragma pack(push,n)
 make compilation fail. non resolved (commented every #pragma pack in this file!)
I would like help about this... Is it a bug of the Gnu compiler ?

3- kaffe\kaffe\kaffe, make, libtool
 problem= make must be made from sh (not windows AND path must have /usr/bin first; if not so, sort.exe of windows is used instead of sort.exe of cygwin. First error shown= +2The system cannot find the file specified.

4- kaffe\kaffe\kaffe\main.c: 69 undefined reference to `profFlag` (and other messages)
 patch found on the net at
 add #if defined(TRANSLATOR) in config\i386\common.h, line 65
 and #endif in line 82

5- _lrotl and h_errno undefined (link error)
I am still searching for that one... (it's the subject of my previous message)

My config: I am trying to compile Kaffe under Windows 2000.
- Kaffe version is 1.0.5.
- gcc version is 2.95.2
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