Classpath and Kaffe

Aaron M. Renn arenn at
Wed Jun 28 13:38:52 PDT 2000

Stuart Ballard (sballard at wrote:
> 4) Classpath is multi-VM, Kaffe's libraries are (of course) designed for
> Kaffe only. Classpath doesn't yet have a Kaffe port, although
> periodically people suggest one and it's generally regarded as a good
> idea if someone would actually do it.

I don't think it's entirely fair to say that Kaffe's libraries are designed
for Kaffe only.  The vast bulk of the code is fairly generic and the
Kaffe libs could probably be ported to another VM about as easy as the
Classpath ones.

The Classpath GPL+exception is actually a step backwards as far as
Kaffe compatibility goes.  It is even more liberal than the LGPL. I 
doubt Transvirtual would want their code subject to that license where
it would be very easy to incorporate it into proprietary programs without
payment.  However, I'm guessing that if some part of the library code was 
built to be shared between the two, TVT wouldn't be dead set against 
the more liberal license.  That's only my guess though and I'm sure it
would depend on the circumstances.

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