Classpath and Kaffe

Nic Ferrier nferrier at
Wed Jun 28 15:24:48 PDT 2000

>>> <kaffe at> 28-Jun-00 9:42:01 PM >>>

>The Classpath GPL+exception is actually a step backwards 
>as far as Kaffe compatibility goes.  It is even more liberal than 
>the LGPL. 

Yes. Licences are the problem which seems silly doesn't it. It's all
done under the aegis of GNU so why not have a bit more co-operation?

It seems that the answer is in copyright.

If I write a bit of code and keep the copyright I can licence it
under 2 different licences: I could contribute it to Kaffe and

The one I contributed to Classpath would have to then be assigned to
the FSF which might break the contract - I'm not sure.

This works as long as there are only small changes... for example my
HttpURLConnection could (if both parties want it) go into both.

Wholesale changes wouldn't work because of the liceneces. Unless
Transvritual could be agreed to combine effort with Classpath and then
Classpath could use the GPL.

But I'm not suggesting that - I'm just saying on a practical day to
day level we ought to work together a bit more (group hug anyone?)

>I doubt Transvirtual would want their code subject to 
>that license where it would be very easy to incorporate 
>it into proprietary programs without payment.  

I'm confused about TranV's position now... the Kaffe web site says
that no code contributed to Kaffe will be used by TransV. I don't see
why not... I certainly wouldn't have a problem with it - they're
supporting the GPL and I applaud that and want to help.


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