Problem finding libraries (an attempt at OJI for Kaffe/Mozilla)...

James ketrenoj at
Thu Jun 29 14:04:41 PDT 2000

This is probably a simple problem to solve, but I'm new to Kaffe.

I have the Kaffe JVM v1.0.5 running on Linux 2.2.15.  I have been tinkering with creating an OJI plugin for Mozilla (M16) that supports Kaffe.  To see some signs of life, I wrote a small stand alone program that takes an URL, instantiates the JVM, obtains an AppletViewer class and provides the URL to that class.  It works great, and displays the applet in a little popup window.

To get it to run on my machine however, I have to set the following environment variable:

export KAFFELIBRARYPATH=/usr/local/lib/kaffe

Even though the Kaffe documentation says I shouldn't have to change any environment variables, I had to set the above or it complained that it could not find 'libnative'.

Now, when I modified my stand alone executable to load as a plugin in Mozilla, I get an error stating that Kaffe can't open 'io' (it throws up a big list of exceptions, with the call to load the 'io' library being the cause) when I try and call JNI_CreateJavaVM().  I scanned my system and is placed in the /usr/local/lib/kaffe.  I added that path to my and reran 'ldconfig'.  My stand alone program still works great; I can't figure out why it won't run within Mozilla.

Any ideas?  Is anyone else (or has anyone else) done any work on an OJI plugin for Kaffe?

James Ketrenos
ketrenoj at

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