sysdepCallMethod for RISC - request for comments

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Fri Mar 3 18:27:52 PST 2000

On Mar  2, 2000, Pavel Roskin <pavel_roskin at> wrote:

> return longSysdepCallMethod(call, args, func, callargs, calltype)

> and gcc warns:
> `return' with a value, in function returning void

> Is it an error in your implementation?

Probably a thinko, unless the return types changed while I wasn't
looking :-)

Feel free to replace:

  return longSysdepCallMethod(...);



> Also the comment says that longSysdepCallMethod cannot be inlined, but it
> is declared "inline"

The comment also says (at least on alpha) that some day GCC may be
able to inline these, and then, we'll want them to be inlined.

> By the way, what's the reason to use "inline"? And what's the reason to
> use #define for other architectures? Is it only about speed?

Yep, it's only about speed.

> Maybe somebody could clean up sysdepCallMethod for Alpha so that I could
> use it as a base for a better implementation for PowerPC (and eventually

What do you mean with `clean it up'?  Address the issues you've raised
here or something else?

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