Small class file with loop from assembler gives odd behavior

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at
Sun Mar 5 16:02:32 PST 2000

[ I have tried to send in this bug report but it bounced. ]

I am generating Jasmin assembler files that are being compiled with Jasmin,
and then run in the VM.  I had been using the Blackdown proprietary VM, but
wanted to switch to kaffe.  I found that kaffe did not work when I had an
assembler file such as this:

.source Main.jasmin
.class public Main
.super java/lang/Object
.method static public main([Ljava/lang/String;)V
	ifne End_1
	goto Start_0
.end method

I have attached the .class file that jasmin generates.  As far as I can tell
from the jasmin source, and from using "javap -c" with Blackdown's VM, this
should simply return without error.

In Kaffe 1.0.5 (and in a CVS checkout version from Sat. 4 March 2000) in
both JIT and interp compiles, I get:

Exception thrown on null object ... aborting

Any ideas would be helpful.  I would very much prefer to switch to a free
software VM.

Theoretically, this could be a bug in Jasmin, but since this file works
without fail in the Blackdown port, I think there is something else going

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