Nightly regression tests

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Mon Mar 6 15:36:05 PST 2000

Pavel Roskin wrote:
> hmtl -> html

Oops.  I should run my email through a regression test... :)

> I think that it only makes sense to send a report if it has changed.
> Perhaps you could send a diff and a comment saying where to find the
> complete report.

The summary at the top of the report is supposed to encapsulate that
sort of information (i.e., what has changed since last time)...
Internally, I just delete the report every morning after glancing at
the summary (assuming the summary hasn't changed).  I can see that
there are issues if you have to dl your mail and don't want to pay for 
big reports.  In my experience (with a local email connect) there is
no cost to bigger reports with a summary at the top.

> If you do so, I don't think that there will be more that one report
> per week. Maybe you could simply send reports to this list.

We do have support for weekly-only mailings in Flest (the test
infrastructure).  That just means you only get Friday's report.  If
folks are interested in this, I can certainly add it.  I don't think
making an automated weekly mail part of the kaffe list is the right
thing, though.

> Please don't forget to recompile all java classes. If a java source file
> is broken, I want to get the report immediately, and not after rebuilding
> Klasses.jar

Excellent idea, I'll add that to the build test.

> How about --with-threads=unix-pthreads? But probably FreeBSD doesn't
> support it yet :-(

Nope, no FreeBSD port yet.  Testing on a Linux box is a possibility,
but I'm not convinced the incremental improvement in testing is worth
the effort on our end.  But, a FreeBSD port of unix-pthreads would
definetly go in.

> Anyway, thank you for your efforts!

No problem.  Thanks for the suggestions,


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