HOW: Running Kaffe with GCJ ?

Graham Swallow gps at
Mon Mar 6 15:04:12 PST 2000

I have a modified and from the GCJ home page.
It compiles fine into 100% pure i586, but when I want to get a hybrid
system, with the native and jvm sample.class, I get nowhere.

I compiled the .class using jikes, I linked the, and strace
says that it WAS opened, but the search continued (it didnt provide the
expected Java_sample_mynative() opener?). I looked in kaffevm/gcj/*
and your FAQ, and their FAQ, and got nowhere. Can this be done? HOW!

thanks, Graham  gps at

P.S. Sorry for not subscribing to all the email lists, but my modem
overheats and gets confused.

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