state of the developer tools?

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Mon Mar 13 03:02:28 PST 2000

On Feb 27, 2000, Patrick Tullmann <tullmann at> wrote:

>> Dunno, I haven't tested it lately.  If you give it a try and it
>> works for you, just `make dist' it (automake CVS) and let us know.

> I tried it out and it works (as well as I can tell).  I looked over
> the diffs, and there are some bug fixes, but it doesn't
> look like there should be any problems.

Indeed, thanks.  I wonder which version of autoconf you've used,
though.  Since 1999-12-09, automake wouldn't have worked with autoconf
2.13, the latest stable release, because of some a quoting problem
related with backticks in error messages (hi, Pavel :-).  I've just
fixed automake to work with both autoconf 2.13 and CVS autoconf,
created a new snapshot, updated the FAQ and committed the new

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