[Kaffe] javac compiler shipped with kaffe fails to compile this!

Archie Cobbs archie at whistle.com
Mon Mar 13 15:13:38 PST 2000

Mo DeJong writes:
> I just noticed that the javac compiler shipped with Kaffe is badly broken.
> It will not compile the following class. I never noticed this before
> because I always use jikes, but I would like to see Kaffe work
> "out of the box" without forcing the user download jikes. This code
> is perfectly legal, the javac compiler shipped with kaffe incorrectly
> rejects it.
> abstract class Inherit {
>   abstract void foo() throws ClassNotFoundException;
> }
> public class InheritOverideException extends Inherit {
>   void foo() throws ClassNotFoundException, SecurityException {}
> }
> Is this the right place to send compiler problem reports?

I forwarded this to Vincent.. the kjc home page is here:



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