beos-native port [Was: Re: changes to thread locking layer]

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Sat Mar 18 15:13:22 PST 2000

On Mar 17, 2000, "Alan L. Batongbacal" <alanlb at> wrote:

> Note the two "-lz" occurrences (a bug in, maybe?

Nope, that would be a bug in libtool, if there's any bug at all.
Edouard recently reported a similar problem, but starting the build
from a clean tree fixed it up.  Probably it was just some remnant from
the buggy libtool that lived in the Kaffe CVS tree for a few days,
fixed with the update that shortly followed.  If you still get the
problem, after starting with a clean tree, please let me know.

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