changes to thread locking layer

Archie Cobbs archie at
Mon Mar 20 18:09:49 PST 2000

Patrick Tullmann writes:
> I've got a large (45K) patch to Kaffe's locking layers.  This patch
> cleans up the separation between the vm-internal locking and the
> thread-specific layer locking.  It makes the 'sem2posixLock' hack a
> first class abstraction (a ksem).  The threading interface's
> requirements for locking are documented and, I think, quite a bit
> simpler.  (I sent out an updated FAQ describing these changes a couple
> of weeks ago).
> Since the patch is so large, I didn't include it in this message.  You 
> can fetch it from:

FYI, these changes are now checked in. Thanks!


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