Problem with StringBuffer

Maurizio DE CECCO maurizio at
Wed Mar 29 00:39:25 PST 2000

Tatu Saloranta <tatu at> writes:

> I have a lexer (made with JFLex), that uses StringBuffer for
> constructing the strings for certain tokens. 

  [ ... ]

I had the same problem some times ago, with an old version
of the Jacl interpreter on the Sun JDK 1.1.something; in that case it was
really dramatic, because the 'big' token there was around 64K;
this also simplified indentifing the problem ;->

In my case, the workaround was to copy the string (with a explicit
call to the String(String) constructor ...

> Any ideas?

I think the actual problem is not in the StringBuffer size, but in the
copy done when the buffer is un-shared; after all, unless the StringBuffer
jump down from 1Mb to 1 byte, a single instance would not be a big problem;
but having many tokens with a lot of wasted memory would be ...


Maurizio De Cecco

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