softcall_lookupmethod missing in intrp

Godmar Back gback at
Wed May 3 14:01:33 PDT 2000


 I bet you did not download yesterday's snapshot, as they snapshot
mechanism is broken since Nov and Transvirtual still hasn't fixed it.
You probably downloaded a snapshot from Nov 2 that had this problem
which I since fixed.  Check the beginning of the ChangeLog file.

Please try using the current CVS.


	- Godmar

> When compiling the snapshot from yesterday with engine set to intrp, the linker reports softcall_lookupmethod as missing. This method is called from kaffe/kaffevm/kaffe.def and used to be defined in kaffe/kaffevm/intrp/icode.h. The latter file now instead contains a define of  softcall_lookupinterfacemethod which is never used nor defined elsewhere in any jit. I guess intrp/icode.h should be corrected.
> /Mikael

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