Animated Gifs and http

Peter C. Mehlitz peter at
Wed May 3 09:53:20 PDT 2000

> Just working on some bug fixes. I noticed Animated Gifs don't appear to
> display correctly.
> The background is lost between frames.

That's with delta-frame animations. Two ways to fix this:

(1) image productions: generate full frames for each delta

(2) drawing: accumulative redrawing of delta frames (from the last

I currently tend towards (2), since it's somewhat
counter-productive to use deltas to get small image files, just to blow them up
subsequently during image production.

There's another issue I'm not completely sure about - animations with 0-delay
time. It seems netscape handles this as "one shot" animations (i.e. doesn't
continuously loop through the frames. Does anybody know about this?

-- Peter

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