Kaffe for WinNT

hynaan at iastate.edu hynaan at iastate.edu
Thu May 18 09:06:13 PDT 2000

        I have downloaded kaffe 1.0.5 and have followed the directions
to the letter on how to build and install kaffe.  However, 85 of the 91
tests fail and I cannot get any of our own, even simple, programs to
work.  When I use -v to see kaffe load its classes, it does just fine,
but will not load any that I have specified.  It seems to be doing
something, but even a lot of System.out.println(...) do not show any
output to the console at all.  I have tried running with the 1.0.5 and
the latest snapshots with cygwin32 b20 and their latest version 1.1.
None of these combinations work.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to
make kaffe run for WinNT?  I'm assuming that I'm doing something wrong,
as the archives give lots of examples of people running kaffe on NT.

Randy Hoskin
hynaan at iastate.edu

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