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Mon May 22 14:24:54 PDT 2000


    You say you're using DIE to halt infinite loops. Two questions:
    (1)  Are these loops infinite by design, by accident, or a mixture?
    [and, perhaps relatedly]
    (2) What sort of "process model" are you after? Have you considered


Roy Wilson
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Jason Baker wrote:

> Mo DeJong <mdejong at> writes:
> > I was under the impression that methods like Thread.stop() were
> > removed from the JDK or replaced with no-ops. I seem to remember
> > that they were never implemented in Netscape's JVM. The whole
> > concept of stoping a thread seems like a bad idea, a thread
> > should expire due to natural causes.
> >
> > Here are some notes about it from the Sun developer site.
> >
> >
> Thread.stop is dangerous, but without a process model there is really
> no alternative.  I'm using it to halt infinite loops, which is why I
> need the stack trace.
> Both Godmar and Pat use Thread.stop to implement safe termination, so
> given that it is part of Kaffe, what should the call do?
> Jason

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