C+Java profiling, debugging, and a feedback infrastructure

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Tue May 23 15:28:36 PDT 2000

A while ago I wrote:
> Thanks to excellent work by Tim Stack of our group at the University
> of Utah, in support of our work on `Janos', an active networks platform,
> we've added one major and two auxiliary enhancements to Kaffe:
>    * C+Java cross-language gprof support
>    * C+Java cross-language gdb support
>    * Basic feedback system

This code has been checked into the public Kaffe CVS repository.
You'll have to reconfigure (see FAQ/FAQ.xprofiling) to use it.  You
can get more information from the Janos Kaffe page:

This profiler, Xprof, works like gprof; it generates a statistical
sample-based profile of time spent in C and Java code.  Xprof
complements the pre-existing Kaffe profiler which is precise, but only
measures Java code.  Xprof also requires GNU gprof to generate
human-readable output.

Xprof currently only works on Linux and FreeBSD x86 boxes when using
the unix-jthreads threading system in Kaffe.


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