Last Frame disposed; all threads dead?

Kero van Gelder kero at
Thu May 25 16:58:35 PDT 2000

>  Didn't we have this discussion before?

I did a short search in the archives, but it is a bit hard to find in
the long lists.

> Have you tried the java.awt.Defaults.AutoStop property?

The what?
A short look gives me java.awt.Defaults in Kaffe, but not in Sun's API.

   * If set to 'true', the last Window that is closed will automatically
   * call a System.exit()
  static boolean AutoStop = true;

I have no problem with the dispatch thread dying (after all, there
won't be any event anymore), but I want to process the entire event
before it does. System.exit() is fine, but it is too early.

Can you point me to the thread that discussed this or summarize the
reasons not to pass the windowClosed() event?


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