reporting bugs for kaffe-1.0.5

Rizsanyi Zsolt rizsanyi at
Sun May 21 05:24:51 PDT 2000

I have downloaded the kaffe-1.0.5-1.i386.rpm from a redhat mirror, and
I'm experiencing some bugs with it.

Sorry I write this here to the list, but I have only e-mail access to
the net, so I wouldn't experiment with the bug repository.

I have the following problems:
1) In java.text.Format there is no parseObject(...) methods. These
should be there for it is in the suns API, and I don't know why it is
missing, for in all of its subclasses there is that method, and it needs
only to have been but there just as an abstract method, so you could
reference the parseObject methods in its chields by a reference to

2) I think that the jar packager is broken for if I specify a manifest
file, it says that unexpected end of file in line 1.
I have tried with more manifest files, and it doesnt works.

I also think that it can't update files, but I have tried it only once 
(now I use zip for this)

3) Also I have found that the close() method of class StringWriter
throws IOException.
I think it shouldn't be so (correct me if I'm wrong), also it is not
compatible with the 1.1 Java Api

I don't know if this bugs were reported (or maybe fixed also), so sorry
if shouldn't write them this. If so say what should I do with the
eventual new bugs.


Zsolt Rizsanyi <rizsanyi at>

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