Add javax.* packages

C Pedley cp114 at
Thu Nov 16 05:33:18 PST 2000

Surely the files are automatically generated from
the files and do not require modification.  I forgot
to mention the first time that I have also updated the

I am sure I wish to do this as I'm implementing the javax.realtime
package on top of a modified kaffe.

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Nic Ferrier wrote:

> >>> C Pedley <cp114 at> 16-Nov-00 11:57:15 AM >>>
> >My approach so far has been:  I have a new package I wish
> >to create, say called  So I created a new folder
> >in the libraries/extensions folder, and then copied the
> >directory structure and format from the servlet
> >package that is located here (obviously changing "servlet"
> >to "new" wherever this is appropriate).  However, when
> >attempting to use these makefiles an error is thrown as
> >it doesn't know how to build the new.jar archive.  Any
> >ideas?
> You have to alter the and run automake if you want to
> change the distrib.
> But are you sure you want to do that?
> Nic

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