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Mon Nov 20 09:52:29 PST 2000

Hi Philippe 
Based on RTSJ ( proposal, I have recently modified Kaffe for real-time applications. The previous implementation has created a javax.realtime package and modified the Kaffe VM for real-time purpose (jthread) under Linux. The modification of Kaffe VM includes the priority inheritance protocol, management of RealtimeThread and PeriodicThread, and other modifications. 
In fact, the previous version was missing the memory modifications and some other classes of the RTSJ specification. I also simplified the creation of javax.realtime package into Klasses.jar (Klasses.jar = java.lang.* + javax.realtime.*).    

Now, Cris is going to complete some lacking parts of my previous implementation and separate the javax.realtime package from Klasses.jar. 

Could you please tell us your current achievement of pthreads porting for Real-time applications ?  When will the ptherad real-time of Kaffe be merged into traditional Open Kaffe VM ? 

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       I am very interested in this project. Can you share what modifications you made, and what are your goals? 
  I have recently done the pthreads soft real-time port of Kaffe under linux. 

  Thank you, 

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