SA1100 port?

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Mon Nov 20 12:45:42 PST 2000


I am trying to compile and run Kaffe on an iPaq, with X (no, not the
framebuffer: Kaffe from pocketLinux fails to run one of my own
applications & I have the X environment anyway).

First attempt: Illegal Instruction -> recompile with -msoft-float
Second attempt: infinite loop, while loading java.lang.String (callMethodA)
Third attempt (whiling trying to obtain more info from the 2nd
attempt): crash & takes gdb, too, so no useful information (core file
in wrong format, too :-( )

Since at least some person must have had luck in compiling Kaffe for
arm & even SA1100, what di he/she/the-whole-bunch-of-them do?

Awaiting (hints for) solution eagerly :-)

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