More problems with java extensions

C Pedley cp114 at
Thu Nov 23 09:27:42 PST 2000

OK, I've got a javax.realtime package that now compiles, and kaffe
builds successfully.  The problem I have now is that when I try
and build a java program that starts with the line:
import javax.realtime.RealtimeThread
kjc reports
"error: Cannot find type "javax/realtime/RealtimeThread" "

I've checked that in share, the realtime.jar archive exists,
and that RealtimeThread is definitely a public class within
it, and that /bin/kaffe refers to it when setting up the
CLASSPATH.  How do I add this package to the classpath for
kjc though?  Have I done all that is required to add it
into the classpath for the kaffe VM now as well?


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