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Valentin Pavlov v_valchev at prosyst.bg
Tue Nov 28 03:56:48 PST 2000

I cannot reproduce that error on my NT Workstation.
Maybe you are trying to use kaffe on win9x which is known to have some
problems with cygwin - and this may affect your system to produce that

In other hand it is possible that you use wrong startup script on Windows.
Here is mine:

--- cute here ---
:Setup kaffe environment
set KAFFEHOME=//c/temp/kaffe
set DOS_PATH=c:\temp\kaffe

:Prepare classpath and runtime environment 
set CLASSPATH=%KAFFEHOME%/kaffe/Klasses.jar:.:%CLASSPATH%
set PATH=%DOS_PATH%\bin;%PATH%

KaffeVM %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %8
--- cut here ---

Notice that some paths are givven in unix form since my kaffevm (which is
compiled with cygwin) will recquire them in this form.
Actually all environment variables regarding to kaffe use unix style paths.
Only command prompt execution PATH will recquire it's DOS style path.

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> Hello kaffe,
>   I'm trying to run kaffe under Win32
> and have next problem. The "Hello world"
> application runs, needs to print,
> then Locale class is loaded to translate
> message and it needs unicode database.
> Well, under debugger I see it looks file
> "\D:\kaffe\kaffe\lang\unicode.tbl"
> I can't figure out, which code adds that
> leading '\' symbol. Can you help?
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