unicode search path

Valentin Pavlov v_valchev at prosyst.bg
Tue Nov 28 04:43:55 PST 2000

I don't have enough time to browse through the code but it seems that it
should be
somewhere in the class loader - unicode.tbl is located in Klasses.jar

If you wish I can send you detailed instructions for building kaffe with
cygwin or you can
download already compiled binaries from here:
You should modify only kaffe batch file in the bin directory - it worked for
me but you
may whish to install it in other folder than c:\kaffe

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> Hello Valentin,
> I can't compile with cygwin. A problem with
> libtool, probably. I've compiled it with MS VC++.
> Can you point me part of code that inserts
> that '\' leading slash?
> Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 12:56:48 PM, you wrote:

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