slowLockMutex / putHeavyLock

Godmar Back gback at
Thu Nov 30 17:30:18 PST 2000

> Let me try. But note - sometimes I had asserts
> related to synchronization, and they were "false".
> I mean, I have a dual processor machine, and,
> for example, and asseret
> assert(xxx==0 && yyy==0)
> was caught, but debugger shows, that both
> xxx and yyy are nulls. Probably, that's
> because of my dual-processor computer...

I'd say it's more likely because of the debugger.
Never trust it when it says a variable is zero.

A dual processor shouldn't figure into the equation at all 
unless you're running pthreads on Linux, or Win native threads,
which we don't support.

If you want to test it, here's how to run with only one CPU 
under NT:
   1 - Edit BOOT.INI and add /ONECPU
   2 - Edit BOOT.INIT and add /NUMPROC=1  (or N)

(note to self: is this a typo?  BOOT.INI vs. BOOT.INIT?
I'm just copying an old email from Steve here.  Use precaution.)

	- Godmar

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