Source code for hot-spot like implementation for kaffe1.0.3

Senthil Kumar skumar at
Wed Oct 4 12:29:11 PDT 2000

A long time ago (Oct '98) I was working on a hot-spot like
implementation with KAFFE on linux x86. This was for my M.Eng. paper in CSE
at Penn State.

I am currently not doing any development in KAFFE, but recetnly
found the source code. I felt that it would be useful to someone
else if they are interested in this kind of work.

I made all my changes under CVS and have a tar ball of the CVS archive.
If anyone wants to look at the code, please let me know.

I can also send in the paper that I did for the M.Eng. work. Unfortunately,
I only have a hard copy, so the only thing I can do is fax it. Its about 20

I might upload the CVS tar ball to sunsite or some other linux site.


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