Frambuffer/GGI/GRX version of Kaffe

Chris Worley cworley at
Thu Oct 19 16:08:38 PDT 2000

I'm trying to get an AWT that uses the framebuffer.

Where can I get a non-X version of Kaffe?  There are many documents
around the net that say that a framebuffer, GGI, and GRX version of
the AWT exist for Kaffe, but I can't find any source.

Pocketlinux doesn't seem to have an x86 port.  I figured I could
download the source for tvt-fgl-1.0.0, tvt-kaffe-1.0.6, and
tvt-kaffecore-1.0.6, but fgl's "configure" wont generate a Makefile,
and the other two seem like they need plugged into the top of Kaffe,
and libraries/javalib; which destroyed kaffe (which had previously
built correctly).

Tried some of the pocket linux RPM's: tvt-fgl-1.0.0-2.noarch.rpm
contains no files, tvt-kaffe-pc-1.0.6-4.i386.rpm and
tvt-kaffecore-1.0.6-2.noarch.rpm have some jar files and an x86 kaffe
executable.  Running that executable (after pointing the CLASSPATH to
/usr/local/share/kaffe/Klasses.jar of the regular i386 w/X build)
doesn't generate any errors when running jar files, but also doesn't
generate any output at all (even HelloWorld doesn't work).

Any ideas on generating a Kaffe that uses a frame buffer and not X?



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