阿哲 murphychen at kimo.com.tw
Tue Oct 24 23:15:56 PDT 2000

> I realise this has been asked before, but is anyone out there developing
> or interested in developing an OJI plugin for Kaffe. My company is 
> interested in plugging a small jvm (smaller than sun/blackdown) into
> mozilla. We have the time and resources to spend on this but would like to
> know if anyone else has progressed with this yet. 

	I'm developing an OJI plugin for JDK1.2.2, PJava3.1 and
	Kaffe 1.0.6. The JDK1.2.2 version works very well.

	The problem with Kaffe is that there are still some
	bugs in AWT which cause some applets not working.

Murphy C. Chen                          murphychen at kimo.com.tw
HsinChu, Taiwan, ROC.                   http://murphy.somewhere.net/

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