Problems with kaffe-1.0.6 on alpha

Simon Greaves Simon.Greaves at
Mon Sep 4 20:57:12 PDT 2000


I've just compiled kaffe-1.0.6 with gcc-2.95.2 on an AlphaServer running
Digital UNIX 4.0D. Configure, 'make' and 'make install' all seemed to go
ok (well except gcc complained about some 'va' stuff being redefined) but
'make check' fails miserably, dumping core, eg:

make  check-TESTS
make[3]: Entering directory `/build/kaffe-1.0.6/test/regression'
test -z "*.class *.fail *.out core *.core ExceptionTest" || rm -f *.class
*.fail *.out core *.core ExceptionTest
TestScript: 7565 Abort - core dumped
TestScript: 17864 Abort - core dumped
TestScript: 10894 Abort - core dumped
TestScript: 13510 Abort - core dumped
TestScript: 677 Abort - core dumped

Hmm... a '/usr/local/bin/java -version' works, so I tried compiling a
basic 'helloWorld' class:

public class Samp
  public static void main(String[] argv) {

Which fails:

% /usr/local/bin/javac
mem/gc-mem.c:315: failed assertion `blk->free != 0'
Abort (core dumped)

Similarly if I compile it with the Sun/Compaq javac and try to run with

% /usr/local/bin/java Samp
mem/gc-mem.c:315: failed assertion `blk->free != 0'
Abort (core dumped)

(Hmmm.. memory, garbage collecting...) 

I'm not too au fait with gdb, but I loaded the core file and did a 'where'
which produced:

#0  0x3ff800e9c28 in kill () from /usr/shlib/
#1  0x3ff8019bca4 in tis_lock_global () from /usr/shlib/
#2  0x3ff8011391c in tis_raise () from /usr/shlib/
#3  0x3ff8015e32c in raise () from /usr/shlib/
#4  0x3ff80174cf4 in abort () from /usr/shlib/
#5  0x3ffbfffc758 in __eprintf (string=0x7dd1 <Address 0x7dd1 out of
    expression=0x1400e0022 "\f\f\a\f\f\f\f", line=4294959000,
   from /usr/local/lib/
#6  0x3ffbffbbd08 in gc_heap_malloc (sz=4831835592) at mem/gc-mem.c:315
#7  0x3ffbffccc0c in gcMalloc (gcif=0x7dd1, size=6, fidx=12)
    at mem/gc-incremental.c:861
#8  0x3ffbffcd8cc in jmalloc (sz=6) at gc.c:21
#9  0x3ffbffc9fcc in findClassInJar (
    cname=0x1400ffe30 "java/lang/Short.class", einfo=0x11ffff820)
    at findInJar.c:221
#10 0x3ffbffc9c40 in findClass (centry=0x1400f6bb0, einfo=0x11ffff820)
    at findInJar.c:111
#11 0x3ffbffbf0e0 in loadStaticClass (class=0x3fffffe8060, 
    name=0x3fffffe111e "java/lang/Short") at classMethod.c:1086
#12 0x3ffbffbd4a4 in initBaseClasses () at baseClasses.c:244
#13 0x3ffbffbd278 in initialiseKaffe () at baseClasses.c:190
#14 0x3ffbffd2a18 in JNI_CreateJavaVM (vm=0x140000d28, env=0x140000d20, 
    args=0x100000) at jni.c:166

for what it's worth.

So, have I stuffed up here or is there a problem? BTW CLASSPATH is not

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