Make check on WindowsNT

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Wed Sep 13 15:54:48 PDT 2000

Zekeriya Mansuroglu wrote:
> I executed ./configure and make without any errors on WindowsNT. But if I
> 'make all' and cd to test, I receive compiling errors while 'make check'
> like:

You're using cygwin, I assume?  I'll also assume you're using the
1.0.6 snapshot and not the latest CVS snapshot.



Getting this far is a very good sign.  Frankly, I'm surprised.  :)

> If I type 'Kaffe.exe HelloWorldApp' or 'sh kaffe HelloWorldApp', it
> teminate without any outputs or messages.

This is very odd considering that it "passed" the tests.  Does 'sh
kaffe -version' work?  You might try 'sh -x kaffe HelloWorldApp' to
make sure that the various environment variables being set are sane.

> What I forgot to do? Please Help me !

I don't think you forgot to do anything.  Probably we (the maintainers 
of Kaffe) forgot to update/write something in the WinNT glue.  I
should point out that I've never tried to build/run Kaffe under NT, so 
I really haven't the foggiest about what should or shouldn't work.


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