JNI Problem

Dirk Hoepfner hoepfner at novedia.de
Thu Sep 14 09:09:31 PDT 2000

> ---------------------------------------
>    gcc -c -fPIC Hello.c -o Hello.o
>    ld -shared -o libHello.so Hello.o
> ---------------------------------------
>    According to my knowledge about linux, whenever JVM  call
> "System.loadLibray("Hello")" function, it will search for the library (which
> we created "libHello.so")  in the "/usr/lib" or "/lib" directory.  I copied
> the library file "libHello.so" to the "/usr/lib" and "/lib" directory. But
> whenever i run the  my Hello.class program using kaffe, i am getting
> following error.
How is the setting of the LD_LIBRARAY_PATH ?
Please add the directory where you placed the libHello.so.

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