JNI Problem

Archie Cobbs archie at whistle.com
Fri Sep 15 11:53:01 PDT 2000

Patrick Tullmann writes:
> > ---------------------------------------
> >    gcc -c -fPIC Hello.c -o Hello.o
> >    ld -shared -o libHello.so Hello.o
> > ---------------------------------------
> You're going to have to libtoolize your shared library for Kaffe to
> find it.  At least, I've never been able to load non-libtoolized
> shared libraries.  I find this to be pretty bogus myself.

I've not had that problem.. kaffe seems to find and load "normal"
shared libraries fine under FreeBSD.. 

> Running Kaffe with '--vmdebug NATIVE_LIB' will show where Kaffe is
> actually looking.  (You will have to have compiled Kaffe with
> --enable-debug.)

Definitely a good recommendation.


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